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RB Forensics offer our clients a range of services, to ensure that each assignment is tailored to client requirements, budget and time frame.

corporate rescue and turnaround

Corporate Rescue and Turnaround is the process whereby a licensed Insolvency Practitioner ( JIEB qualified ) provides impartial advice and assistance to a company ( if approached at an early enough stage ), who is experiencing severe financial problems . By discussing a comprehensive plan of action with the client which can involve a rescue and turnaround business strategy, the aim of the Insolvency Practitioner is to provide the best possible financial outcome for all parties concerned. If this is not possible, the IP is responsible for the selling of the debtors assets, agreeing creditors claims and distributing money collected to the creditors. The insolvency practitioner will advise corporates, lenders and other key stakeholders who are experiencing poor financial performance, and cash flow challenges. The IP will work with Senior Management to identify options and solutions from an impartial viewpoint to provide a platform for recovery, as well as preserving business value while dealing with diverse challenges. If Insolvency is the only option available to an Organisation, the IP will suggest the following measures:

RB Forensics Limited enjoys a close working partnership with many Insolvency practitioners with leading professional service organisations. RB Forensics limited, have introduced many highly regarded specialists to clients for their substantial knowledge and expertise in corporate recovery and turnaround. Key skill set which RB Forensics limited consider necessary for the successful introduction of an Insolvency practitioner are:

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