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compliance and risk managment

Compliance means conforming to certain accepted standards ( Wikipedia ) .

It is a formal process whereby an organisation is expected to conform to Regulatory control and procedure (with particular reference to the Financial Services Industry,)

It is the process through which management identifies, analyses, and where necessary, responds appropriately to such risks that might adversely affect an organisation's business objectives either internally or externally.

A Risk and Compliance Partner will offer appropriate recommendations through remedial action, which is often deemed necessary in order to mitigate the risk.

Not only is risk assessment an essential tool for understanding the challenges that a business faces in today's climate, but also necessary in reaching a consensus with the organisation when it comes to how those risks should be addressed, what resources will be required to minimize the risk, and what element of residual risk will be acceptable.

Due diligence, practical policies and written procedure are prepared by the Risk and Compliance Partner and team on behalf of their client, offering clearly defined guidelines on business code of conduct, specific policies relating to anti-bribery issues i.e gifts and hospitality, and the use of intermediaries.

The Risk and Compliance Partner will advise the client that his recommendations for effective implementation are a necessary pre-requisite as part of the organisations internal control process, which will inevitably require further monitoring and review.

A Risk and Compliance specialist is highly skilled in identifying Corporate vulnerability. His business strategy is one of remediation, and will focus on the long term belief that preventive measure is always the best policy Closing the Corporate stable door after the Financial horse has bolted, is never a recipe for success.

RB Forensics Limited has introduced a number of highly regarded and reputable Partners and Directors within this sector to Global Consultancies, Professional Service Firms, and FTSE 100's.

Assignments undertaken by a Compliance Partner on behalf of their client will relate to governance, risk , litigation, investigation, forensic analysis, performance improvement, transactions and business recovery, coupled with a thorough understanding of ethics, regulation and legal process.

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