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forensic accounting

Forensic Accounting – is the process whereby a Qualified accountant, Auditor or Investigator who specialises in the analysis of Legal and Financial documentation, is engaged by a Company to investigate potential suspicious fraudulent activity . Often a member of the Fraud advisory Panel, he is accredited by the ICEAW as a forensic accountant and expert witness.

Required by law to produce an independent expert report on his findings, he will receive civil instruction from both Claimant and defendant separately or on a single joint expert basis.

Forensic Accountants work in an extremely sensitive area of professional accountancy . Fraud is one of the most common of white collar crimes, and it costs the global economy billions every year. The impact and fall out on business is seismic. Dealing with fraud requires expert level accounting skills, where every part of the fraud must be assessed, detailed, documented and verified and presented in legal format which is admissible as evidence in a court of law. This legal element is a key factor in all aspect of forensic accounting , and one of the reasons why a Forensic accountant’s knowledge and skill set is highly sought after by organizations who call upon their expertise to investigate a potential fraud.

RB Forensics Limited acknowledges the growing demand in this specialist sector, and has introduced a number of Senior Directors and Partners to Professional Organizations within the Top 4 and 10 respectively, who require talented individuals with gravitas to add value to their expanding teams across a strong international network of business opportunities .

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