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white collar crime

White collar crime is money motivated and usually committed by an unscrupulous business professional, or a number of individuals (company ), for the sole purpose of economic gain. Although non violent, a complex financial business scam can spectacularly destroy a company, ( Enron ) ,or wipe out a families’ entire life savings ( Bernard Madoff ), or cost investors billions.

Dealing with alleged professional cheating and lying in the workplace requires extreme sensitivity and discretion by the Forensic accountant. In depth knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements i.e Uk Bribery act, Foreign Corrupt Practices act, Proceeds of Crime act and Money Laundering across all global jurisdictions, is a vital legal tool which a forensic accountant will enforce in conjunction with the relevant Government authority , lawyers etc, in a bid to halt illegal business activity and corruption within the workplace, thus safeguarding a companies’ reputation, and assets.

RB Forensics Limited has introduced two notable Senior Directors and Partners who specilise in white collar crime to the top 10 Professional Services organizations, both within the Uk and globally.

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