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RB Forensics offer our clients a range of services, to ensure that each assignment is tailored to client requirements, budget and time frame.

contractual and commercial disputes

A Forensic accountant can have a positive impact on a Company’s business, potentially saving an organization millions of pounds in financial losses each year, when the discovery of fraud is a very real possibility. Essentially, Forensic accountants can be involved in all different kinds of investigations and disputes which often lead to civil litigation or criminal prosecution in a court of law.

Forensics engagements often fall into sub-sectors, and the Forensic accountant can choose to specialize in one particular area Contractual and Commercial disputes, bankruptcy, insolvency , reorganizations, business valuation, proceeds of Crime , white collar fraud, anti-money laundering professional negligence ( to name but a few ) contractual and commercial dispute will often involve the following - Commercial, Intellectual or Property disputes, Business Transaction, Government contract, anti-trust etc, personal injury etc.

RB Forensics Limited recognizes the need for experienced professionals in this skill set, who provide unbiased independent financial, economic and business advice to global organizations and lawyers involved in litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. Offering remedial advice at the earliest opportunity, is far more cost effective long term for all parties concerned.

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