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RB Forensics offer our clients a range of services, to ensure that each assignment is tailored to client requirements, budget and time frame.

rb forensics process

Prior to commencement of any search assignment, we need to determine objectives and specifications with you, our client - to understand your business and culture, to obtain your view on the roles' scopes and responsibilities, the remuneration packages, reporting relationships, etc., and to create profiles of the ideal role models.

We then develop the search plans. We comprehensively research and explore target source organizations in order to identify prospects to approach and headhunt as suitable candidates using an extensive range of search methods.

We intentionally access and sound out the more successful and therefore passive individuals who are not on the job market because they are in gainful employment, appreciated by and busy adding value for their current employers. These people tend to be the more contented and the more productive individuals who would be the most attractive to a prospective new employer - you, our client. We avoid advertising and recruitment agency practices, wherever possible, as the quality of respondent is usually significantly lower overall.

Having identified and headhunted the best available candidates, we screen them using various evaluation methods, including face-to-face interviews. We then narrow down the candidates to the most suitable and a manageable number and present their CVs (edited and in our own standardized format) to you with email summaries, covering their remuneration packages, locations, interview notes, etc.

relationship managment

Confidentiality is obligatory in dealing with both clients and candidates.

The majority of unsuccessful assignments begin with poor communication from the outset. We agree in advance who needs to be privy to what information, in whichever preferred mode, and at whatever regular intervals. In addition we track the success of the assignment via KPIs that are agreed at the outset. This ensures maximum efficiency by highlighting key problem areas in advance, allowing remedial action to follow instantly.

A further benefit of our Search & Selection service is the value-add to be gained via the communication of key market intelligence gathered from talking to the right people in your market. This can vary from specific competitor activity to generic salary benchmarking.

why choose rb forensics

We understand your target acquisition businesses and needs - I have spent the last 25 years of my career in Executive recruitment predominantly within Financial Services. This coupled with an excellent business network of leads and referrals.

Please rest assured that every candidate we put forward will be interviewed face-to-face (we look upon this as holding your first interview for you) and we will ensure that each candidate not only has the prerequisite skills and attributes you desire, but is also the right organizational and cultural fit.

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