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RB Forensics offer our clients a range of services, to ensure that each assignment is tailored to client requirements, budget and time frame.

forensic technology

Forensic technology is the process whereby a consultant will use high tech digital computer forensic techniques , i.e e- discovery and e -disclosure to conduct a forensic investigation on behalf of a client suspicious of potential fraudulent activity in the workplace.

A highly trained technology expert will engage directly with the client to understand and assess their business issues and needs. Specialist forensic software such as Encase, forensic toolkit and NetReveal are designed to provide effective anti fraud solutions in minimising the level of risk within a financial or commercial institution. By conducting forensic imaging of computers, electronic e mail systems, mobile telephones, and other storage devices, as well as producing forensic analysis for digital evidence can lead to a successful criminal prosecution where fraud is suspected.

RB Forensics limited, have introduced a number of leading senior technical experts to clients within the Top 10 who are looking for professional advice across a project lifecycle, coupled with strategic direction for improvement.

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