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RB Forensics offer our clients a range of services, to ensure that each assignment is tailored to client requirements, budget and time frame.

case study three

A Risk and Compliance advisory partner  ( TOP 4 ) , whose primary focus is Economic Crime Prevention, detection, investigation and remediation, was engaged by  an International Global Consultancy ideally looking for a highly accomplished and talented individual to grow and develop its business offering within this niche specialism. The newly appointed incumbent had considerable experience in leading and developing large teams in complex projects of an International nature and FTSE 100 Business .He was also engaged in High profile assignments relating to governance, risk and compliance, litigation and forensic analysis, coupled with performance improvement, transactions and business recovery.

To conclude, his skill set was perfectly aligned with the Company’s  innovative and progressive thought Leadership team, whose expert knowledge in providing robust advice and resolution to multidisciplinary service lines currently facing complex international challenges is unrivalled. Risk assessment is an essential tool, not only for understanding the risks that businesses face, but also in reaching consensus within an organization as to how those risks should be addressed, what resources will be required to achieve the necessary level of risk, and what element of residual risk will be acceptable. Effective implementation of risk assessment and anti-bribery procedure has to prevail within a Company’s internal controls, offering clear and practical policy guideline and process. The written word is not enough.

RB Forensics Limited successfully delivered on the above project within a 16 week timeframe from initial introduction to offer.

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