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case study two

A leading Global Consultancy and Dispute advisory Practice, which helps identity, investigate, and resolve complex commercial fraud and deception cases, decided to add value to its highly specialised team of Consultants within the UK, by the appointment of a Partner who specialised in Fraud, Forensics and  Contentious Issues.

RB Forensics Limited was engaged in this search, and once again applied the same successful methodology and process (  highlighted in case one ) with the appointment of a Regional Partner – whose duties and responsibilities were to advise on all suspicions of fraud, including procurement, payments and revenue fraud, commercial manipulation , single expert evidence in commercial disputes, and contentious insolvency issues.

By the very nature of the work, and in the majority of fraud investigations and forensic recovery cases, there are no readily available assets. The key stakeholders are often completely unaware of fraud until after the entity has collapsed into insolvency, and an Insolvency Practitioner is appointed  The new Partner was a highly accomplished expert in the powers of persuasion when it came to gathering evidence from reluctant parties who had absolutely no intention of co-operating. His pragmative approach towards the target deemed that it was in their interest to conclude a settlement, or take and win proceedings, then recover the sums awarded by the courts afterwards.

By appointing an Insolvency Practitioner who specialised in fraud and contentious insolvency cases, the firm concluded that this highly unique business combination could only strengthen and enhance their reputation within the market space.  Forensic investigation, combined with investigatory powers which are readily available to Insolvency Practioners, can help a Partner identify the underlying reason for fraud, and assist a Forensic team in the tracing of assets and their recovery in proceeds of crime.

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